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Dhalsim's SECRET Dhalsim's SECRET

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

since you reply to every review.. why not?

*whistles* i'm supposed to be doing my work right now, but i'm lazy and enjoy procrastinating. :) do you spend more time making flash movies or replying to your reviews i wonder. i'm getting the picture that you monitor your reviews hourly.. o_O; if i could write more reviews i would, just to make you reply to all of them. :) have fun watching your reviews and have yourself a wonderful day.

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MakefunNotwar718 responds:

Actually, WHEN i submit a movie, I hire an old Asian lady to moniter my reviews for me. For every review she finds, she gets a hug and a coupon for a FREE hamburger. No, but seriously, i moniter them about once to twice a day. I just respond in one large sum. I appreciate the feedback and i'm also very social person. It literally takes 10 minutes to respond to about 15 reviews and WE ALL have 10 extra minutes on our hands through out the day. Unless, we are the type of people who like to act like we're "too cool/busy." Anyway, ur probably right though, i do spend more time responding to reviews than making FLASH movies. My longest movie took me one week, whereas the rest took me a day sometimes hours. ;)

Sonic X Chaotic Battle Sonic X Chaotic Battle

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good stuff

although it reminded me more of a dragonball fight than a hedgehog fight, this was generally animated very well (with exception of miniscule flaws). it'd be nice to see you develop a full story with this.

Xombie: Chapter 3 Xombie: Chapter 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


cool art and good animation. sound's awesome and story's pretty intriguing. a definite 10!

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